How to Style Geometric Patterns

Why We Love A Geometric Pattern
Geometric designs in interior decoration are often attributed to contemporary or minamalistic decor. But the fascination with geometric shapes can be identified as far back as the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks where the origins of simple geometry began. They recognised the relationship between lines, angles and surfaces to help measure shapes and then used this simple geometry as a basis to design and build.
Perhaps what we appreciate the most about geometric patterns is the simple, familiarity of the shapes and how these basic shapes and angles can be used to construct decorative designs that can be used to enhance our interior spaces.
Top Tips to Style your Geometric Patterns
1. Go Monochrome
Perhaps the most striking statement you can make when decorating with geometrics is using a simple monochrome palette. A timeless classic in Interiors, Sharp and sophisticated and effortlessly stylish. This basic black and white scheme is easy to live with, adaptable to any room and can be constantly reinvented to suit current trends.
It can make a strikingly bold statement or can be toned down with natural materials and neutral colours to create a calm, relaxing space.
If you feel like you need more colour in your life - use a monochrome scheme as a basis to add a fun accent colour that can be changed with trends and seasons.

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2. Glam Up Your Geometrics And Channel The Art Deco Style Era

Art Deco is one of the most popular and influential decorative styles of the 20th Century - the ultimate period of glamour. Emerging from France in the 1920's it marked a period of new found optimism after the war, looking to the future and exploring new modern ideas in design by combining arts and craftsmanship.

Art Deco style is focused on geometry, clean lines, abstract shapes, fragmented forms, rich colour schemes and luxurious materials adding to the decadence of the era.

Similar to monochrome, Art Deco has a timeless appeal in interior decoration. Combine your geometric accessories with scalloped furniture, rich velvet textures and metallic accents.

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3. Soften Your Angular Shapes With Pastel Hues

Decorating with pastel tones has been a trend dominating interiors for some while now. More recently the pastel shades have become more subtle and sophisticated. The combination of geometric patterns with pastel colours is a great mix. The soft muted colours soften and calm the angular shapes and graphic lines of geometric patterns creating a fresh, modern interior scheme. 

The popularity of Geometric patterns have spanned the ages due to their versatility and boldness. Geometrics are not limited to a certain design style, therefore investing in key pieces is an ideal way to bring this timeless trend into your home.

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