Dulux Colour of the Year 2024 - Sweet Embrace

"Sweet Embrace is a delicate pink tone that brings a feeling of positivity"

Last year the Dulux COTY was the warm neutral Wild Wonder. In 2022 it was the optimistic blue of Bright Skies. For 2024, The Dulux Colour of the Year has been announced as "Sweet Embrace", a soft delicate shade of lilac pink inspired by the softness of feathers and evening clouds. The colour itself is warm, subtle and sophisticated and ideal for pairing with a variety of different shades.
'What is so wonderful about Sweet Embrace is its soothing quality. Like a whisper of reassurance in a moment of stress, it has a visual softness that calms the senses and creates an atmosphere of serenity," says Marianne Shillingford, colour expert at Dulux.
To highlight the versatility of "Sweet Embrace", Dulux have put together a series of 3 colour palettes, illustrating how different colour combinations incorporating the hue can create a different mood or ambience. The designers at McAlister Textiles have interpreted these palettes in a series of mood boards, to illustrate how you can be inspired by Dulux's Colour of the Year when selecting soft furnishings for your home.

Indulge in a cosy feel with inspiration from the Dulux Warm Palette

Warm Colour Palette by Dulux
The foundations for creating familiar and comfortable surroundings are found in natural shades of pink, soft browns and terracotta. These colours are perfect for living rooms and office spaces. Sweet Embrace is teamed with the Dulux Paint colours Copper Glow, Winter Pumpkin, Cashmere Throw and Fireside Embers to create a cosy and comforting feel.

Utilise Calming Tones to create a restful sanctuary

Calm Colour Palette by Dulux

A soothing colour palette of soft greens and blues inspired by seascapes and woodlands are combined with the delicate pink of "Sweet Embrace" to bring about a naturally calming effect. The colours together bring about a sense of ease making the scheme perfect for restful areas such as bedrooms.

Incorporate modern and upbeat tones for an uplifting scheme

Feminine lilacs teamed with modern yellows provide the foundations for a fun and joyful colour scheme. The combination of these upbeat shades provides energy and positivity ideally suited to kids bedrooms and playrooms, kitchens and family areas.

Incorporate Sweet Embrace in your Interiors for 2024

The warm and delicate hue of Sweet Embrace can add a delicate sweetness to a scheme without making it feel overly feminine, especially when used with other colours.
It's very much a "metameric" colour so appears different depending on the lighting conditions ranging from a light crisp pink to a blush pink in daylight and more blue pink in the evening and in artificial light. Be mindful of this if using the colour on your walls.
Take inspiration from our moodboards to experiment with the colour. If you need any help or advice of what designs and colours to use together in your room, get in touch with our friendly team.

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