Creative colour combinations for a living room

As the space where we spend most of our at-home waking hours, our living room decor makes our home comfortable while being welcoming to others. The colours we choose are compelling. They influence our mood and say something about our personality, what’s important to us and our aspirations.

Think of your living room as an extension of yourself and your family. The lounge walls, floors and furnishings are a palette on which to work, accentuated with carefully chosen flourishes.

Whether you’re seeking a soothing space to unwind after a long day, contemporary interiors infused with tech or a rustic homely retreat, find a fresh look by anchoring these colour combinations with carefully chosen accessories.

Brick red and sage green

We might think of red as the colour of passion and energy but a subtle red hue can stir a whole host of other emotions. A muted brick red tone combines wistfully with sage green in furniture and furnishings when set against a neutral backdrop of cream. The elegantly understated drama of the green and red attempt to elevate to the foreground but are muted by the cream canvas making it a perfect colour combination for smaller rooms.

Layered greys, black and whites

Grey has become the best-selling paint colour after white with a host of shades elevating it beyond humdrum. Used in isolation, grey can become somewhat utilitarian and dimensional so try layering carefully chosen hues to accentuate feature points and return plain areas to the background. Create depth with different tones. Bring a charcoal sofa to the fore and match it with blinds - all set against paler incarnations on the walls to showcase furnishings. Geometric black prints on white cushions will pop and carefully choose black bordering to frame the overall effect.


Rich taupe and burnt orange with fields of green

Throw the doors open to a colourful but subtle inspiration from nature by setting a base coat of a rich taupe with cheery hues of burnt orange blinds, accessories and fabric. Continue the outside-inside theme with flashes of grassy green in soft furnishings and statement planting. Patterned upholstery and curtains works well here with flaunts of the palette dappled against the neutral pastel shade of the taupe.


Punchy playful pastels

Perfect for a family room, ponder a pale shade of pink rose for the walls and pop bursts of pastels for a playful swirl on soft furnishings, pillows and cushions, wall artwork and ornaments to dance the eye all around the room. Muted pastels are big right now. They’re simply brilliant because of the possible combinations that either gleefully clashes against each other or layer a space. Rich purples, burnt reds and bright oranges add intensity while powdery pastels, accents of gold, neutral pinks and dreamy greens can mute down the whole effect as you fancy.


Pick your own - berry shades

Create a rich traditional theme with carefully matched berry tones. Earthy tones will set the landscape on which you can arrange juicier bursts, lines and layers. Purple and teal work well against heather and indigo to contrast warmer and cooler shades. Lavender reflects light well so can be great for smaller spaces and you may be tempted to throw in some darker wood to continue the fruity yet classic country cottage feel.

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